Commercial Sexually Exploited Children Coordinator

What is “CSEC”?

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children ( CSEC ) occurs when a child agrees to, offers to, or engages in sexual conduct in exchange for shelter, food, clothing, education, money, care - anything of value.

Any child may be vulnerable to a person who promises to meet his/her emotional and physical needs, especially runaway children, those who have been previously sexually abused, those with disabilities ( e.g. mental health, cognitive, learning), those experiencing disruption at home ( e.g. substance abuse, domestic violence, loss of a parent), and those who identify as LGBTQ.

Red Flags to Look For

Here are some signs that may indicate a youth is CSEC-involved:

o History of running away from home

o Frequently miss school

o Has new clothing, jewelry, hair, style, phone that cannot be accounted for financially

o Has new friends who are older teens or adults

o Has a tattoo and is reluctant to explain.

o Visible signs of physical or sexual abuse.

o History of Sexually Transmitted Infections

o Disconnected from family and friendslost interest in age appropriate activities

What to do if you suspect a CSEC situation

ü Use your judgement to assess the presence of red flags.

ü Immediately file a 51A report with DCF; you should not investigate.

ü Any questioning of the youth should be non-judgmental, focusing on supporting the youth as the victim and building trust.

ü Never ask “why” questions.

ü Do not ask the youth for a written statement.

The CSEC Coordinator works with the youth and family to find the resources they need in order to begin the healing process. For more information, please contact Kelly Broadway at or (413) 772-9821.